Tanzania 2017

Location: Mwanza, Tanzania
How long was the ultrasound-related portion of your trip?
Our team taught ultrasound for 3 weeks in Mwanza and then spent 1 week on the island of Ukerewe performing a screen and treat for cervical cancer using the VIA method.
How many UCI medical students were a part of your team?
We had an 11 member team; the perfect amount to fit into a Tanzanian dala-dala

Did you conduct ultrasound research? If so, what type?
Our main goal was teaching future health care providers ultrasound at the Tandabui Institute of Health Education and Technology (TIHEST). At TIHEST we survey the students for quality improvement of our course and data on the efficacy of different ultrasound training techniques.

Outside of the classroom we do many non-ultrasound related projects and find that we are in a wonderful position in the community to pursue other interesting research projects in hopes of improving the health of the Mwanza community. This past year we collected data from our cervical cancer screen and treat and are analyzing in comparison of World Health Organization screening protocol, and also surveyed 3 distinct Mwanzan communities on eye health outcomes in hopes of aiding in this capacity upon return.
How many abstracts did your group (in total) submit to the World Congress in Ultrasound Medical Education Conference in Montreal this year?

Which other conferences did your group submit abstracts to?
At the moment none, but we have plans in the works!

What types of clinical activities did you participate in aside from ultrasound?
We often spent time in local clinics and hospitals shadowing physicians to learn how medicine is practiced in the country of Tanzania. We also shadowed ultrasound technicians and received extensive first-hand practice in obstetric ultrasound scanning. Our team had the opportunity to watch both surgeries and deliveries.

Non-medical adventures?
The team spent two weeks traveling around the country of Tanzania before we got working in Mwanza. In this time we managed to summit Kilimanjaro, ranked #4 on Business Magazine’s Top 100 list- Team Building with Altitude Sickness. We spent a few days of R and R on the beach in Zanzibar, as one is want to do after climbing 19,000 feet. We then capped it off with a safari through the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti National Park.

Everyday in Mwanza itself is an adventure, as you will meet many wonderful people who will take time out of their day to show you their home and their way of life. You may find yourself strutting through the market in your tailor?-made suit, eating fresh goat that you just watched being slaughtered, or accidentally joining the Mwanza Eagles Basketball Team. #flylikeaneagle#eaglesforever

“It was great to share something with students abroad while getting closer to our own classmates.”-Angela Allen, MS2
“I loved teaching the students at TIHEST. OOOOooooOOoo I literally had to be dragged out of the classroom!”-Jamie Temko, MS2
“I got to see so many beautiful babies- it was the best!”-Laura Rose, MS2
“I got to see so many beautiful babies- it was torture!”-Olivia Marik-Reis, MS2
“I made so many friends there! People are still posting on my wall to this day!”-Jessica Faraj, MS2
“Wow. Amazing.”-David Ju, MS2
“”The USD is worth 2243 Tanzanian Shillings.”-Aricia Shen, MS2

Recommendations for those going to the same place next summer:
Be ready to work hard but have the best summer of your life.