Past Board Members

2017-2018 USIG Board:

Co-Presidents: Isaure Hostetter & Lauren Witchey
VPs of Ultrafest: Angela Allen & Savannah Gonzales
VPs of Education: Ahmed Farhat & Katherine Moran
VP of Community Outreach: Nathan Jasperse
VP of Research: Daniel Azzam
VP of Operations: Thalia Nguyen
VP of Finance: Tom Keown
Senior Advisors: Anna-Marie Hosking, Jamie Miller & Taylaur Smith

2016-2017 USIG Board:

Co-Presidents: Anna-Marie Hosking & Jamie Miller
VPs of Ultrafest: Isre Hostetter & Lauren Witchey
VPs of Education: Nathan Jasperse & Kaavya Raman
VP of Community Outreach: Nicole Salame
VP of Research: Vicky Oppenheim
VP of Operations: Nick Bove
VP of Finance: Ben Nguyen
Senior Advisors: Jessa Baker, Amanda Purdy & Taylaur Smith

2015-2016 USIG Board: