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University of Toronto Interactive Ultrasound application
This interactive ultrasound application provides excellent instruction and correlating anatomy for a variety of standard focused cardiac views. In addition to excellent live-action views, it provides 3d images, probe placement images, and other valuable tips.

Follow the link above or click the image to explore the powerful tool for expanding your ultrasound skills!
U toronto resource



Links to UC Irvine iTunesU Ultrasound courses:

Ultrasound in MedEd: MS1 Curriculum – J. Christian Fox, MD, RDMS

Ultrasound in MedEd: MS2 Curriculum – J. Christian Fox, MD, RDMS

Ultrasound in MedEd: MS4 Emergency Ultrasound Elective – J. Christian Fox, MD, RDMS

Emergency Ultrasound  – J. Christian Fox, MD, RDMS

Critical Care Ultrasound – J. Christian Fox, MD, RDMS; Mark Rosen,
MD, RDMS; Michael Lekawa, MD; William Wilson, MD; Matthew Dolich, MD;
Davinder Ramsingh, MD; Nate Lane, MD, RDMS

Other Podcasts and Conferences:
Check out the Ultrasound Podcast With Matt Dawson and this years UCI UltraFest keynote speaker Mike Mallin. This highly entertaining and informative podcast is great to supplement your ultrasound experience with the most up to date information from some of the premier US gurus in the field.US podcast resource






American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) Annual Convention: March 17-21, 2016 New York

World Congress on Ultrasound in Medical Education: September 23-25, 2016, Texas

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