India 2014


Location: Gudalur Adivasi Hospital, Gudalur, India; Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Bengalaru, India

How long was the ultrasound-related portion of your trip? 1 week

How many UCI medical students were a part of your team? 5


Did you conduct ultrasound research? If so, what type? Ultrasound education/training

When was your first team meeting to plan for your trip? 2/4/2014

When did your group submit their IRB? 4/6/2014

What types of clinical activities did you participate in aside from ultrasound? Shadowing (medicine), Shadowing (surgery), Patient intake (interview, vitals, preparation to see provider), Patient diagnosis (clinical tests, labs, or evaluations), Patient ultrasound (not related to research or educational training), Patient care (participated in performing procedures or treatments)


Who set-up your living arrangements for the ultrasound portion of your trip? The organization/institution I volunteered/worked for

How much did you pay for your living accommodations (total)? $400-$499

How much did your roundtrip airfare cost? $1600-2000+

Did the funds from UCI SOM for international summer travel cover your total airfare and accommodations (not including food) for the ultrasound portion of your trip? No

If not, how much extra did you pay out of pocket? $1-1099

How many UCI SOM ultrasound machines did your group check out? 1

How many non-UCI SOM ultrasound machines did your group use on your trip? 2

Where did any non-UCI machines come from? Gudalur Adivasi Hospital

How long did it take you to pack (approximately)? 3-8 hrs

Any additional ultrasound supplies or resources your team would have liked?

Extra ultrasound gel

In retrospect, is there anything you would have done differently on your trip?

Planning the research component over Winter break for a late winter/early Spring IRB submission.

Bringing an additional ultrasound machine to help us run our hands on work shops would had given our participants more time to hone the skills they learned.

Recommendations for those going to the same place next summer:

Establishing contacts and living arrangements was the most time consuming aspect of planning for this trip. This should begin in the Fall.

Establishing contacts should be done as early as possible if the desired research requires approval of the CMC IRB. There is great potential for further education studies at both Gudalur Adivasi (no Indian IRB required) and the CMCH (Indian IRB required) as there has been expressed interest for further training and workshops at both locations.

Fundraising to donate a portable US machine to the Adivasi site would be my priority if I could do this over again.

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