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Ultrasound Enthusiasts:

Over the last couple of years Ultrasound in Medical Education has exploded at UCI. Many of you are already involved in ultrasound projects – whether it’s research, community outreach, teaching, or international missions. The UCI Ultrasound Interest Group will be a formal place for you to get support on your endeavors, foster ideas, pass down your experience and knowledge to successive classes, and contribute to continuously molding the Ultrasound program at UCI to keep us leading the nation in Ultrasound Education. USIG is for ALL SPECIALTIES and ALL levels of US experience. With an incredibly supportive faculty, USIG Executive Board Members will help to take the lead on identifying what students want in their education and the best way it can be provided, in addition to identifying and organizing ways to utilize ultrasound for community service and international missions.

2021 – 2022 Board:

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Chris Fox (

Senior Advisors

Charlene Yuan
Kylie Prentice

Co-Presidents of USIG

Brian Shughrou (
Alexandra Greb (

VP Education
Frederick Heath
Dean Chung

VP’s of Ultrafest
Dana Le
Natassia Dunn

VP Operations
Gilbert Nalula (

VP Community Outreach
Aileen Guillen
Sophie Sha

VP Finance
Christopher Boldt

VP Research Coordination
Nicole Finney

Click here to learn about our past Board Members!


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