Brazil 2014


Location: Santa Casa Hospital, Porto Alegre, Brazil

How long was the ultrasound-related portion of your trip? 4 weeks

How many UCI medical students were a part of your team? 3


Did you conduct ultrasound research? If so, what type? Ultrasound education/training

When was your first team meeting to plan for your trip? 1/5/2014

When did your group submit their IRB? 4/2/2014

How many abstracts did your group (in total) submit to the World Congress in Ultrasound Medical Education Conference in Portland this year?  1

Which conferences? AAMC 2014 Annual Meeting

What types of clinical activities did you participate in aside from ultrasound? Patient ultrasound (not related to research or educational training)


Who set-up your living arrangements for the ultrasound portion of your trip? A doctor working for the institution we partnered with provided housing.

How much did you pay for your living accommodations (total)? $0

Did the funds from UCI SOM for international summer travel cover your total airfare and accommodations (not including food) for the ultrasound portion of your trip? Yes

How many UCI SOM ultrasound machines did your group check out? 0

How many non-UCI SOM ultrasound machines did your group use on your trip? 3

Where did any non-UCI machines come from? The SonoSite vendor in Sao Paulo, Brazil lent and shipped them to the hospital in Porto Alegre.

How long did it take you to pack (approximately)? 5-6 hours

Any additional ultrasound supplies or resources your team would have liked?

No,but I should mention that we brought along one SonoSim simulator from UCI and a second simulator from SonoSim’s local Southern California vendor. We were also provided two “Phantom” units for procedural needle guidance practice from SonoSite Sao Paulo in addition to three S-Nerve machines and one NanoMaxx

In retrospect, is there anything you would have done differently on your trip?

More lecture preparation before arriving in Brazil. This was difficult to accomplish given that it was the inaugural trip and we hadn’t yet gauged the level of expertise or competency of our subjects. For this reason we spent a significant amount of time building and modifying our lecture material.

It is possible to get into contact with institutions in other areas of Brazil. We were shunted toward Porto Alegre because some of the larger cities were overrun by World Cup madness. With that said, the ties we have with Santa Casa Hospital in Porto Alegre are very strong, and it would be best to coordinate a continuing education program there until the time comes that they have enough ultrasound machines and a curriculum of their own to be self-sufficient.

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