USIG Updates from September 27th

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 8:50 AM
Hi everyone!
The USIG board has been hard at work this past month and we have some great updates for you!
-Keep your eye out for an upcoming elective proposal for the MS3 and MS4 classes to complement the MS1 and MS2 electives. The elective will feature the chance for third and fourth years to teach ultrasound to the first and second years for two weeks.
-Planning is underway for the second annual Ultrafest next spring which will be even bigger than last year and feature more collaboration with West coast medical schools.
-Development of a patient pathology database will become a great resource for medical students at UCI to quickly identify and learn about the different presentations of patholgy and images taht can be acquired with ultrasound. Information will be kept secured on a UCI server with full patient consent.
-Interested in doing ultrasound research abroad? UCI medical students can find opportunities with USIG to travel internationally to Panama to help run clinics, respond to emergencies, and train others in ultrasound use.
-Community outreach is a large part of USIG and there is a large project currently underway that NEEDS volunteers to help screen for heart disease with ultrasound as part of a research project in local high schools.
Keep checking this website for details and updates for USIG!

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